1st Year Computer Science Guess Papers 2023

If you are a student of 1st year Computer Science and looking for Guess Papers for 2023, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will provide you with Guess Papers for all the subjects of 1st year Computer Science.These Guess Papers have been prepared by our team of experts after a thorough analysis of the last few years papers. So, you can be sure that these papers will give you a fair idea of the type of questions that might be asked in the upcoming exams.We hope that these Guess Papers will prove to be helpful for you in your preparation for the exams. All the best!


UNIT# 01                                 SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. Define Computer.
  2. What is Information Technology?
  3. Compare system software & application software with examples.
  4. Why does Application software need an operating system?
  5. List four basic units of data storage.
  6. Define system. Write different components of the system.
  7. What is meant by system development?

                                                  LONG QUESTIONS 

  1. Differentiate b/w Software & Hardware.
  2. Describe different categories of software.

Unit# 2                                   SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What is Router?
  2. What is DSL?
  3. And What is Repeater?
  4. What is Network Protocol?
  5. Write the purpose of the data link layer.
  6. Compare LAN & WAN

                                               LONG QUESTIONS

  1. What is Network Topology? Describe its types.
  2. What is LAN? Explain three types of networking protocol.
  3. Describe OSI Model.  

Unit#3                                SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. Define encoder & decoder.
  2. What is data communication?
  3. Define digital signals.
  4. Why data transfer instructions are used?
  5. Explain the term Baseband.
  6. What is meant by Data representation in computers?
  7. What is a Start signal? Write its different states.
  8. Write names of unbounded media.

                                          LONG QUESTIONS

  1. What is data communication mode? Explain its types.
  2. Define Guided Media? Explain its types.
  3. Explain four basic components of data communication. 
  4. Describe Types of data transmission.  

Unit#4                                SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What is mean by electronic shopping?
  2. Compare CAD & CAM
  3. What is Video Conferencing?
  4. Describe the use of computers in different fields.
  5. What is meant by a documents management system?
  6. What is E-commerce?
  7. And What is a computer simulation?
  8. What is mean by computer-aided design?

Unit#5                                SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What are I/O units?
  2. What is Program Counter?
  3. Write the purpose of the CPU register.
  4. Why EPROM is used?
  5. Why RA is called Random Access Memory?
  6. Write names of types of buses.
  7. What are Translators? Write their function.


  1. Define Operating System. Describe functions of the Operating system.
  2. Define System Bus. Explain its types.

Unit#6                               SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What is a Logic Bomb?
  2. Write the purpose of the password.
  3. What is the Chornobyl virus?
  4. Define Pirated Software.
  5. What is Privacy Issue?
  6. What is Antivirus?
  7. And What is meant by Data Security?

                                         LONG QUESTIONS 

  1. Describe different types of viruses.
  2. Explain two security threats to data. Also, write solutions to these threats.

Unit#7                            SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What is a Desktop?
  2. What is Extended Partition?
  3. And What is the purpose of Recycle bin?
  4. Write names of four components of the window operating system.
  5. What is an Operating system?

Unit#8                            SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. What is Word Processing?
  2. Write names of Text Editors.
  3. Write uses of a word processor.
  4. And Write advantages of a word processor?
  5. What is WYSIWYG?

Unit#9                           SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. Write advantages of Spreadsheet.
  2. What is Formula?
  3. Write the formula for calculating the average of cells.

Unit#10                          SHORT QUESTIONS

  1. Write Advantages of email.
  2. What is Web Hosting?
  3. Define IP Addressing?
  4. Write names of four domains.
  5. What is Web Browsing?
Q.No.2Unit# 1+2+3+6 (Short Questions)
Q.No.3Unit#5+8+9      (Short Questions)
Q.No.4Unit#4+7+10    (Short Questions)
Q.No.5Unit# 1 (L.Q)
Q.No.6Unit# 2 (L.Q)
Q.No.7Unit# 3 (L.Q)
Q.No.8Unit# 5 (L.Q)
Q.No.9Unit# 6 (L.Q)
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