1st Year Physics Guess Papers 2023

Physics is an interesting and tricky subject. It is the branch of science in which we study matter and energy and their interactions. Physics is the most important science subject in the 11th class. Many students find it difficult and worry about their board exams. Physics is the most important science subject in the 11th class.

Many students find it difficult and worry about their board exams. Now, 11th class students dont need to worry as we are providing 11th class physics guess paper here. The following are very important questions of 11th Class Physics which you can prepare and get 100% marks. 1st Year Physics Guess Papers 2023.

Physics Guess Paper 2023 1st Year Punjab Board

Physics Guess Paper 2023All Punjab Board

1- What is electric Field Intensity ?
2- Define Gauss Law and its Application ?
3- Show VM -1 = Nc -1
4- Define Electron Volt ?
5- What is Electric & Gravitational Force ( Similarties & Dissimilarties )
6- Diff. Between Capacitor and Capacitance and its units ?
7- What is Dielectrics ?
8- The Potentional is Constant through a given region of space the electric field is zero or non zero in this region ? Explain
9- Electric lines of Forces never across why ?
10- Do electron tend to go to region of high poential or of low potential ?
11- Define Electric Current and its units ?
12- What is Electroplating and Voltameter ?
13- What is Resistance and its units ?
14- What is Conductance and Conductivity ?
15- Do Bends in a wire affect its electrical Resistance ? explain
16- Why does the resistance of a conductor rise with temperture ?
17 What is Wheat stone Bridge ? How can it be used to determine an unknown resistance ?
18- What is Magnetic induction and its units ?
19- Uses of CRO ?
20 - Why is B Non Zero outside a solenoids ?
21- Wht does the picture on a TV Screen Become distorted when a magnetic brought near the screen ?
22- What should be the orientation of current carrying coil magnetic field so that torque acting upon the coil is
a) Maximum b) Minimum
23- Why the voltameter should have a very high resistance ?
24- Can a DC Motor be turned into a DC Generator ? What can change are required to be done ?
25- Define Alternating Current ?
26- What is Phase Lag and Phase Lead ?
27- What is Inductor and Impedance ?
28- Write Properties of series Reasonance ?
29- Write Types of Modulation ?
30- A Sinusoidal current has rms ( effective ) value of 10 A ?

Long Question Punjab Students Papers Guess Paper

1- What is Electric Intensity due to an Infinite Sheet of Charge ?

2- Explain Kirchhoff 1st and 2nd Rules ?

3- What is Wheatstone Bridge ?

4- Explain force on a Current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic Field ?

5- Explain Alternating Current Generator ?

6- Transformer and its types ?

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